2 temps News for 2-14-14


What is up everyone! Cywolve here letting you guys know a couple new additions to the site!

First and for most… I have added a Pixel Art section to the menu. I know Pixel Art can be a cool big thing, so I decided (because I was bored) to make pixel versions of myself and Enders characters in Minecraft. I posted the screenshots so make sure you check them out and visit our server to see them better.

Finally… uploaded 2 episodes today. They are the first half of a Monday Night Mines. Parts 1 and 2 are up with 3 and 4 to follow in the next couple days. I think we are going to call our Twitch Show on Mondays… Monday Night Mines. So there could be a couple changes coming next week.

So there ya have it! Hope you all are enjoying the site and its offerings. More is definitely coming in the next few weeks so keep it locked in to www.Cywolve.com for my 2 temps fun!

– Cywolve


We Have a Website!


This post is going to disappear really quickly with all of the YouTube video’s I’m about to put on here, but here we go! 2 temps has a website! Our goal is to unify EVERYTHING into one location and I think we have accomplished that. We will obviously have all our YouTube Episodes on here, you can watch us on Twitch.TV, and we have given you all the information you need to log into our server!

Right now our server is just plain vanilla Minecraft. Nothing special. But when we change it to say Feed the Beast or Crazy Craft, I will have links and How To’s on how to log into our server with those types of games. When we do switch to that, you will need the appropriate Minecraft, and I promise I will try to make it as simple as possible! So when that happens I will make an announcement here and new links on the menu will appear to be able to download the certain Minecraft version you will need.