The Rogue Monarchy Podcast: Episode 07

In this episode… Omega Pep, Waid Here, DrunkenSailor71 and Cywolve XD chat about Iron Banner Loadouts, the Challenge with Oryx, and will we ever see an equivalent to the GHorn.

The Guardian Spotlight of the Week is Throb…. finally……

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Tips & Tricks: Challenge Mode for Oryx:

  1. Two Bubble Titans in Center between the Witches Columns. One using Blessings, other using Weapons. Goal? Take down all four Ogres and 4th Knight using the Touch of Malice. NEVER RELOAD YOUR ToM!
  2. Plate Team numbers themselves 1, 2, 3. First Plate is #1 with the Runner, Second is #2, and Third is #3. Plate Team throws Grenades on their Ogre that’s in front of them, and helps take them down. Snipers are best, but whatever can stagger them to keep them from moving. Once Ogre is down. Take down the Adds and Knight that will spawn on the opposite side of where your at. (Take down Knight first and try to take down as many Adds as possible so they don’t spawn Eyes.)
  3. Runners Job is to run on the platforms that form and grab the Spark. Once grabbed, head for the Ship and grab the aura from the Knight that spawns. If your in the back, run through the Titan Bubbles for extra protection and then take the aura. Ignore the Knight for the time being and rush to center team to help them use the Plates help the Runner take down the Knight that had the Aura.
  4. Once both Knights are down (4th Knight, and Aura Knight), Oryx should slam, and start shooting Oryx in the chest with the Touch of Malice. Leave the Blights till the 4th Round.
  5. Once you stopped Oryx from Clapping, have runner center himself and take out ANYTHING that is shooting. Leave the Taken Thrall alone. Let them congregate in the center, wait till it says at the bottom left that Oryx has Regained the Darkness and have a Hunter Tether them (More tethers the better), and have a Warlock use their Super to generate tons of orbs.
  6. At this point Oryx will create a shade. Take down the two Knights that appear on the plates out front. Take down the Adds that appear to the right first, then left twice, then right twice. During this one Guardian will get sent in. So make sure you take down as many Thrall as possible, unless someone is using Red Death in the Shade and needs a Thrall to get health back.
  7. Once Oryx comes in, call it out so whoever comes in next from the outside can jump to try to avoid Oryx. Staying on the outside helps people that are coming in because it will keep Oryx on the outside. Once he leaves and appears outside, Tether to help bring Oryx down fast.
  8. Once out… get setup to rinse and repeat.