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The Rogue Monarchy Podcast: Episode 08

In this episode… Brimstone Golem, DrunkenSailor71 and Cywolve XD chat about the Cryptarch Bug, and Future War Cult.

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Ghost Fragment: Future War Cult
Subject twenty-two. Admitted to the Inner Circle at 24:00. A promising postulant – I regret to say he performed poorly. He was administered the standard medication but refused to enter the Device.
Aren’t people unpredictable? I suppose there’d be no point if they weren’t, would there?
He knows to keep silent.
Subject twenty-three entered the Device at 11:00. A clever girl from the Core District; an artist, before she joined the War Cult.
At 11:03 she reported a sensation of floating. At 11:06, a sensation of lights within the darkness of the Device. Between 11:06 and 11:32 she reported these lights variously as white, golden, and blood-red. At 11:32 she reported a sensation of someone taking her hand; a stranger, but also herself. Twelve subjects have reported similar experiences. At 11:33 she reported the sensation we have called “The Opening Of The Veil.” The Device recorded temporal displacement of her consciousness to the order of six degrees. At seven she began screaming. Brainscans near-death. Removed from the Device at 11:34.
She believes without question that the Device granted her a vision of the future, and that it was one of utter Darkness. She thanked me for this enlightenment. She says it will make her stronger.
Little Ghost, there in the corner of the Sanctum – I see you blinking. Are you listening? Are y –
The Device at 12:22 and immediately the Device reported displacement of his consciousness. Visions of war and the City in flames. Subject twenty-nine worked the supply channels on the Slip before he joined the War Cult. By 12:27 he was babbling and by
We have applied certain refinements to the Device. Novarro found records of a prototype of the Device at a Golden Age laboratory in Tibet, and Hari’s team retrieved what was left of it. We are the first to see it operational in who knows how long. Too many subjects come back damaged. Mad. We are grasping at straws. What do you think, little Ghost? END RECORD
Forty-seven human subjects; eleven report timelines in which the Darkness has already prevailed, thirteen report timelines in which the City has fallen. Twenty-three babbled madness. Hopeless. Trapped.
No wonder the Device was abandoned. The human mind is too weak for it. Too weak to look into the Future, or to understand what it sees.
What the situation calls for, little Ghost, is a better sort of witness.
We found you in pieces in Siberia, and repaired you as well as we could.
What do you say? Are you well enough to travel?

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